A simple Void Linux Deb file installer
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vdp - the Voidlinux Deb Package Manager
vdp is a simple Debian package (.deb) manager for Void Linux.

You will need to have Rust and Cargo installed, this can usually
be done by running `rustup' by following RUST's guide or
installing it with your local package manager.
You will also need `make' to complete the installation process.

Enter the following command to build and install vdp (if necessary
as root):

make clean install

If you are running `make' with sudo, you will need to have cargo
and rust set up for the root user. This can be done by running
the following command

sudo rustup install stable

Running vpd
Simply use the wanted utility program that have been installed.
This can be either:


See the man page for additional details.

This program is not in any way related or sponsored by the Void Linux
team. This program is made purely in respect to the work the Void
Linux team have made, and to ease the installation process of debian