The light Arduino
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What is it?

The Larduino is a spin-off of the original Arduino. The Larduinos goal is to bring a simple and Ligth exprience to prototyping, hence the L in Larduino.

With the board you will practice your soldering and understanding of electronics.


The Larduino will time to time be revised and updated, currently the newest model is R2B.

Revision 2 B

Larduino R2 contains a USB B port for power and programming. Assembly guide here:

Revision 2

Larduino R2 contains a ICSP and a dedicated programming header interface.

Revision 1

The original version of the Larduino. Notice This does not fit in a breadboard without bending it's legs.

Future plans

A goal for the future is to include a USB, so you can program it directly without using ICSP or a USB to TTL. Another goal will to make it even smaller, this will however most likely mean that some components will be SMD.


The intention behind the Larduino is not to rival or try to be better than the Arduino in any way! It's simply a way to learn electronics and the process of desinging and producing the product.